“Who dares nothing, need hope for nothing.”

–Friedrich Schiller

What if you had the chance to save the world?

The Data Science Bowl could be your shot. Join us in our mission to merge big data with deep thinking on an issue that affects the social good. With over $375K in prizes awarded so far, we’re gearing up for a new competition launching in January 2017. Here are a few steps you can take to get started:

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Your date with destiny:  January 2017

Save the date! In January, get ready to don your data cape and make the world a better place. The Data Science Bowl will satisfy your passion with a powerful purpose. After all, the competition always centers on a problem of epic scale, the kind of thorny challenge that couldn’t be solved before. It’s a huge opportunity to show the world what data science can do.

For us, data science is more than a skill or profession. It is a calling and a way of life. It rewards grit as much as talent. Failure, curiosity, and small successes lead to discovery. Data science grants the power of entire nations or corporations to the individual. It gives a megaphone to those who were previously silent. Our purpose is bigger than any one of us. 

The 2017 Data Science Bowl is co-sponsored by Kaggle and Booz Allen, with valuable support from many sponsors. It’s our 3rd competition, with $175,000 in prizes to be awarded to those who observe the right patterns, ask the right questions, and in turn, help address a major issue affecting the social good. Details will be released later this year.

For now, there’s plenty to share and talk about. We’re looking for sponsors, ideas for the next challenge, and people interested in data science techniques and stories solving real-world problems.

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